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A cold morning at the Moultan Barn

On our coldest morning yet in the Grand Tetons, we made our way over to Mormon Row to photograph the famous Moultan Barn. This was also our first morning at the barn where the Grand […]


Nikon Z 7 B&W

Wow do I love the Nikon Z 7 and its B&W. I tweak the monochrome settings in camera to bring out the structure and clarity to give me an idea of what I am expecting […]


I like the new Nikon Z 7!!!

So I was lucky to get my pre-order Nikon Z 7 on the first wave of orders. Thanks NPS and B&H!  For my first real test of the camera at the Grand Tetons, (when you […]


The Challenges of the Palouse

When most people think of landscape photography, they think of taking a picture of a nice setting with a lake, a city scape, trees, etc. One of the great things about the Palouse is frankly […]


Boomers on the prairie

  I recently had the opportunity to go back to one of my favorite wildlife locations in the US. My friends and I returned to Calamus Outfitters in Burwell, Nebraska to witness the lekking of […]


Oregon Coast

On of my favorite places to photograph on the West Coast, the fall waters and landscapes off the south coast of Oregon. ” ngg_triggers_display=”never” ngg_proofing_display=”0″ order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


Bread basket of the USA

So this has turned out to be one of the most picturesque locations I have seen in the US. Miles and miles of cut wheat fields throughout eastern Washington and Idaho. Known as the Palouse, […]


Sleeper wildlife lens

For my wildlife photography, I mainly use the Nikon 600mm /4 lens. This lens is great for photographing small birds and mammals from a distance. In a pinch, I use the Nikon 80-400. Its a […]


Taking the high road

The park service keeps the roads clear for the visitors to get around the park. The critters also use the roads to get around the park when the snow is deep. We were driving down […]


Egret courting

Egrets were nearly hunted to extinction because of their feathers. During mating season, I think that the great egret has the most fascinating ritual. They also put on one of the best displays with their plumage. […]

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