Monthly Archives: October 2016


Rockies Fall Color

This is my second year photographing fall color in the Colorado Rockies. My first year was with Moose Peterson and this was one of the more important workshops I have attended. There are two factors […]


Just show up!

My friend and mentor Moose Peterson has repeatedly told me… If you want to do aviation photography, just show up. This weekend at the Wings over Houston Airshow, I was there to have fun but […]


When you have some spare time in Anchorage…

Back in the day of the early 747s and 708s, Anchorage was a primary stop-over point and flights going and coming from the US to Asia. It is still a major intermodal stop for freight […]


In a pinch… getting photos off your Nikon camera

So I was in a hurry to get out of my house on a Friday afternoon to beat the traffic. I wanted to head to the west coast of Florida to do some bird photography […]


Sleeper wildlife lens

For my wildlife photography, I mainly use the Nikon 600mm /4 lens. This lens is great for photographing small birds and mammals from a distance. In a pinch, I use the Nikon 80-400. Its a […]

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