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The head shot – Red-crowned crane

Usually when you use a long lens, you want to try to isolate your subject. You can also have fun with a long lens to isolate part of your subject. In this case, I wanted […]


Whooper Swan

  Related to the Trumpeter Swan we see in North America, the Whooper Swan is a great bird to see in snow covered Japan in the winter. I found a bevy along the shore of […]


I heard him before I saw him – the great spotted woodpecker

My main objective coming to Hokkaido was to photograph the red-crowned crane. Sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate and we had a really overcast day so I decided to tour the island. One of the […]


It Takes Two to Tango

The Red-crowned crane is an important status in Japan. Featured prominently in their culture and commerce, they are usually depicted with their wings outstretched, more significantly as a pair since they mate for life. The […]


Check one off the bucket list – Red-Crowned Cranes

So this one has been on my bucket list for a long time. One of the largest cranes in the world, and also endangered, has made a comeback in Japan. This balances out one of […]


The flight shot

The unique benefit of going to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is the awesome New Mexico sunrise and sunset color with the snow geese and sandhill cranes. My favorite thing to do is to […]


Early to rise

Waking up early in the morning gives you the best rewards at #bosquedelapache Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. While the main goal at the refuge is to photograph #sandhillcranes and #snowgeese , the unique […]


It has become tradition

Well, it has become a tradition. One of my favorite locations to photograph wildlife is at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near San Antonio, New Mexico. Winter home to a regular migration of Greater […]


Tis the Season

In South Florida, us natives wait for the influx of northern snowbirds (the ones that take the plane) to descend and clog up our freeways. What comes just before the holiday season are the northern […]

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