Nikon Z 7 B&W

Nikon Z 7 B&W

Mount Moran at Oxbow Bend Grand Tetons

Wow do I love the Nikon Z 7 and its B&W. I tweak the monochrome settings in camera to bring out the structure and clarity to give me an idea of what I am expecting to get when I am doing the final finishing in Photoshop. When you open the the file in ACR, those camera adjustments are only the beginning of final finishing.

When I am doing my final picks in Photo Mechanic, I know which ones I intended to finish in B&W and using monochrome gives me a cheat sheet of the photos I wanted to finish in B&W when I took the photo. That said, what I had on my view finder is easier to achieve in the final editing, and wow do they rock! Even better than the D850.

Here at Oxbow Bend looking at Mount Moran at the Grand Tetons, you’ll see the great contrast, clean black and whites that make me really like this image. Taken with the Nikon Z 7 with FTZ adapter and Nikon 24-70.

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