Photography has been a passion of mine since my family has been in the printing and publishing business. In the last decade, my focus has changed to wildlife and landscape photography. I travel a lot for both business and pleasure which has afforded me the opportunity to go to some pretty exotic locales. I look at the craft as continuous improvement as both the technology and my interests change. I have had the opportunity to shoot with and learn from some of the best Nikon Ambassadors including Moose Peterson, Dave Black, Scott Kelby, and Joe McNally. Moose has been a particular influence of mine who first got me interested in wildlife photography, printing and showing my photographs. He has pushed me to improve the craft and fortunate to have him as a influencer, mentor, and friend. 

I have made some great friends who are great photographers, Carol Smith, Richard Dedalto, and Robert Dimmitt. I have traveled with them, attended workshops and learned a lot from them.

I also like to print and share my work. If you see something you like, please let me know.


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