Sleeper wildlife lens

For my wildlife photography, I mainly use the Nikon 600mm /4 lens. This lens is great for photographing small birds and mammals from a distance. In a pinch, I use the Nikon 80-400. Its a great lens, but it is large and if I want to carry it on my shoulder with a second body it can be heavy and cumbersome. This past week in Anchorage while photographing Moose, I carried the Nikon 300 /4 as my secondary lens. What can I say. WOW! The focal length is perfect for large mammals when the 600 is just too close. With a teleconverter, it can be used as a birding lens. Add the Nikon teleconveter 2x and you have a hand-held 600 and weighs 25% of the 600 /4.

The first image is the Nikon 600 /4 with 1.4x teleconverter…


And this is the Nikon 300 /4 with 1.4x teleconveter…


‘Nough said.

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