Eric’s Gear

A list of gear that I use for my photography and adventures:

(as of 5/22/20)

Nikon D6

Nikon Z 7

Nikon 800f5.6 AFS

Nikon 180-400f4E TC1.4 FL ED VR

Nikon 300f4 PF

Nikon 500f5.6 PF

Nikon 105f1.4 AFS

Nikon Z14-30f4

Nikon Z24-70f4

Nikon 50f1.4 AFS

Nikon 24f1.4 AFS

Nikon 70-180 Micro

Nikon 60 Micro

Nikon 18f2.8

Nikon 20f2.8

Nikon 16-35f4 AFS

Nikon PC-E 24f3.5D

Nikon 8-15Fish

Nikon TC-14eIII

Nikon TC-17eII

Nikon TC-20eIII

SB-5000 AF Speedlight

Nikon SD-9

WR-R10/WR-T10/WR-A10 Wireless Receiver

Nikon NC Filters

Nikon Slim Polarizer

Gitzo 3542XLS

Gitzo 5562GTS

Zenelli Gimbal head

Really Right Stuff BH-55

Really Right Stuff BH-30

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