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Madera Canyon – Coming back

I am excited to be going back to Madera Canyon in Arizona in a few weeks to try my hands again at photographing hummingbirds. These guys can be tricky, darting between flowers in a blink […]


Busy bees – The Pygmy Nuthatch

While we were waiting for the “elusive” Great Gray Owls in Eastern Oregon, we decided to take in the Owl’s habitat and photograph the surroundings. In one of the areas where the Forest Service had […]


New tenants – the western bluebird

We have spent the weekend looking for “elusive” Great Gray Owls in Eastern Oregon. Elusive in that we have not seen any. But that is one important lesson in wildlife photography. There is no guarantee […]


Watch that background

As mentioned in my last post about having a handheld birds in flight set up, it gives you great flexibility to keep up with a moving subject. Being able to move with your subject gives […]


You need the right rig

Having the right camera setup can make all the difference in the world. And having a complicated rig hinders your ability to focus on the subject instead of fiddling with a bunch of camera settings. […]


Dancing on the water

Wow it has been a great week in Kaua’i. We have seen many bird species on our travels around the island. While there are many species on the island, many of the native birds are […]

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