Martin Grade Road Hidden Gem

\ I sometimes get jealous that the south east coast of Florida doesn’t present the landscape opportunities that I seem to find on the west coast. Or at least it isn’t landscape photography that speaks […]


We missed you

I realized last month I was supposed to be in Nebraska to photographing Great Prairie Chickens. Thanks to the lockdowns, we did not make it this year. These are undoubtably one of my favorite birds […]


A great start to the week

We had a great start to our week photographing Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep on the red rocks along Rt 26. Our big find of a group of over 30 sheep were long Trail Lake […]


Dark skies B&W

The day was cold and windy. The sheep were hunkered down to get out of the cold and wind so we went looking for landscapes to compliment the great clouds in the sky. We traveled […]


Bighorn Ewes Chilling Out

So where there are rams, rocky mountain bighorn sheep ewes can’t be far behind. The rams are always keeping close eyes on the herd. In my last post, we had a ram peering over the […]


The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

It was our first full day in Dubois, WY looking for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. We broke the jinx early on in the morning with our first drive down through the gorge of the main […]


Going for the headshot

As a continuation from my last post, I had a really great, intimate few hours with whooper swans and Lake Kussharo in Northern Hokkaido Japan. These guys were really comfortable with me and I had […]


A splendid morning at Lake Kussharo

I had a very fun week exploring Hokkaido over the Christmas holiday. While the weather did not cooperate fully for what I was looking for with the red crowned cranes, that gave me the opportunity […]


The Downy Woodpecker

The supports of Sax Zim Bog put out feeders for the non migratory birds. This draws the superstars of the show, various owls including barred, boreal, snowy, and northern hawk owls. They will return to […]


The Boreal Owl

Considered a “bucket list” bird for many, the boreal owl is one of the smaller and elusive owls in Sax Zim Bog. We drove around in the area where people indicated they saw the owl […]

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