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My New Nikkor 24mm PC-E Tilt Shift Lens

When I visit London, I always take a tube ride down to Pimlico to visit a really cool camera store that deals only in Nikon camera gear. Grays of Westminster has been around for a long […]


Waiting for the train

Waiting in a quiet Metro station late on a Wednesday night after walking around the National Mall. The timing was perfect. Lights on the ground and walls announce an approaching train. In this instance one […]


The Northern Gannet

The Northern Gannet. Taken with the Nikon D5 and Nikon 180-400 f/4. It typically returns to the same nesting ground every year and has a lifelong mate that it doesn’t see again until the next […]


Coming in for a landing

At the Northern Gannet colony at the Cape St Mary’s Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland Canada, thousands of birds head out to sea to find fish. They can travel up to 100km off the coast to […]


Northern Gannet Cape St Marys

Our first day at Bird rock at Cape St Mary’s Ecological Reserve #capestmarys in Newfoundland Canada. As the light was coming directly over the rock where the birds were nesting, I turned and noticed Northern […]


Welcome to Bird Rock

One of the more impressive bird colonies I have been to is Bird Rock at Cape St Mary’s Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland, Canada. I have been to Bosque del Apache in Arizona, Bird Island in […]

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