A cold morning at the Moultan Barn

A cold morning at the Moultan Barn

Moultan Barn at Mormon Row Grand Tetons

On our coldest morning yet in the Grand Tetons, we made our way over to Mormon Row to photograph the famous Moultan Barn. This was also our first morning at the barn where the Grand Teton were visible and not snowed in. The downside was we didn’t have any clouds whatsoever. Let me put it this way. BALD SKIES ARE BORING.

So what do you do? First, you can play with the subtle colors and make do with what you have. The second is go B&W. The boring sky will turn to a gray gradient that is a color and adds a division against the subject. And personally, I like the shadows that come out with the B&W My friend Moose Peterson has a third option when it comes to bald skies and landscape photography… time to go to breakfast. 

Both photos were taken with the new Nikon Z 7 and Nikkor 24-70 F /2.8.

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