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The long and short of it

This is a continuation of my thoughts on longer lenses with landscape photography. There are many ways to communicate with with a picture and your intentions can influence your lens choice or your lens is […]


Go long!!! – Long lens for landscape photography

Most people think using a 14-24 or a 24-70 for landscape photography. Basically a wide lens. But sometimes there is a particular feature you want to capture or isolate. Most people would think that they […]


When your plans don’t work out

Sometimes your plans don’t work out and you need a Plan B. Our itinerary this week had us scheduled to visit the Palouse Falls. This time of year is considered the most desirable because of […]


Get creative when the standard won’t work

Its not the first time I have been to this location and it is one of my favorites in the Palouse. Landscape photography can present challenges and fun when not all of the desirable elements […]


What is landscape photography?

When people go to the Grand Canyon to do landscape photography, they usually plan to take pictures of the Grand Canyon. The idea is that you are going to go photograph the subject you traveled […]


The Challenges of the Palouse

When most people think of landscape photography, they think of taking a picture of a nice setting with a lake, a city scape, trees, etc. One of the great things about the Palouse is frankly […]


Boomers on the prairie

  I recently had the opportunity to go back to one of my favorite wildlife locations in the US. My friends and I returned to Calamus Outfitters in Burwell, Nebraska to witness the lekking of […]

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