In a pinch… getting photos off your Nikon camera

So I was in a hurry to get out of my house on a Friday afternoon to beat the traffic. I wanted to head to the west coast of Florida to do some bird photography sicne I haven’t been out in a while. I also want to use my Airstream trailer since that was what I bought it for but have been out of town so much I have been neglecting it. In my haste, I forgot a few important staple items which is going to put me in a pinch this weekend. I will talk about things that I forgot in other posts but wanted to focus on this one first.

My issue was that I forgot the XQD card reader. That can make it difficult to get photos off a D5 if all you have is the SD slot on your MacBook Pro. I wanted to let you know there is another option. Everyone would immediately think you can use the USB port! You are correct but the problem is if you use PhotoMechanic, the software wont recognize the camera as a storage device. The solution I found is “Image Capture” that comes with MacOS. It will recognize your Nikon camera and import the photos to the folder of your choice. I still prefer Photo Mechanic for ingest but this works in a pinch!



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