Just show up!

My friend and mentor Moose Peterson has repeatedly told me… If you want to do aviation photography, just show up. This weekend at the Wings over Houston Airshow, I was there to have fun but also to get one particular shot. Saturday didn’t work out to well. We had bald skies, the pyrotechnics weren’t going off on time, and I was positioned correctly to get the angle of shot I wanted.

On Sunday, I got a little bold and headed down the field past the VIP tents and parked myself next to the Oracle both who sponsors acrobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker and his Challenger III bi-plane. I was there in an area that was questionable to be but gave me a good vantage point for what I wanted. Standing there conspicuously with my large tripod and 600mm lens, finally their PR person came over and said if I wanted to share some photos for the blog and Facebook page. I said sure and that Sean’s plane is one of my favorites. He then asked me if I wanted to head out on to the field for his famous cut the ribbon trick where races down the field 15 ft above the ground and cuts a ribbon. I said of course. Below is what I got only because I showed up.


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