What’s the story?

With more options than with wildlife photography, landscape allows you to be more creative with your skills, equipment, and environment. The photos seem to contradict my earlier post on using long lenses for landscape photography. In this instance, I wanted to tell the story of the Palouse using the red barn. But how do you communicate that through the lens. In the first photo, I used the Nikon D850 with the Nikon 80-400mm zoom lens from a distance to capture the Palouse hills with the unmistakable barn. The romance and mood of the scene is captured with the light touching the barn and some of the surrounding golden hills.

Then I zoomed in with my feet right up to the fence line of the barn, say 30 yards away and with my Nikon 24-70 pulled in to 45mm, I was able to communicate the romance just with the light on the barn. 

When you compare the two photographs, the barn is almost the same proportion of the entire frame, but using my feet and choosing a different lens, I was able to completely change the story and control what I wanted to communicate with the photograph.

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