New ThinkTank Advantage

I have a lot of camera bags. If you asked me how many, I probably couldn’t give you a number without going in to my closet and counting. However, I was having a problem. I needed a bag that was small enough to fit in the overhead of a regional jet but large enough to carry my landscape and aviation photo gear. And most important, running through an airport with a camera bag slung over one shoulder and lugging along a briefcase can become tiring and gets old real quick, so wheels was a nice-to-have. I was going to get the Airport Airstream but a friend of mine (MP) said that the update to the ThinkTank series of bags was getting a facelift. I went and looked on their website and saw updates to the International and Security but was scratching my head. Then I saw it…

I am a big believer in the Moose Peterson MP series of bags because they will fit on any plane. The downside was… no wheels. Finally ThinkTank has an answer. The Airport Advantage. It takes everything from my old Tarmac bag with a little space left over. It will also carry my briefcase. It will fit in a RJ overhead bin…

I am taking it on its first trip to Denver this weekend. I will let you know what I think.

img_3902-jpg-1 img_3903-jpg-1

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