Cotton Candy at Skalkaho Falls

Cotton Candy at Skalkaho Falls

Skalkaho Falls

Mentioned in Lewis and Clark’s journals is a waterfall in the Skalkaho Pass between Hamilton and Philipsburg in Montana. The amount of water that comes over the falls varies depending on the time of year and the amount of snow melt. Being summer, the water volume was less but in my opinion a better opportunity to do some of my favorite type of landscape photography. Longer shutter speeds can be fun and give you the opportunity to show motion in different ways.

With technology and digital cameras, there are different methods including image stacking. I prefer the “old school’ way of a very long shutter by stopping down your aperture and ISO and using ND filters. In this case, I was at ISO 64 at f/16 with a 10-stop Breakthrough neutral density filter using the Nikon Z 7 and brand spanking new awesome Nikkor 24-200 which I get at Bedford Camera.

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