Loggerhead Shrike

I have been stopping by a new bird photo spot for the last few days. After walking the trail for 10 minutes, I start to hear this chortle behind me. I turn around and in the top of of of the trees along the road, what I assume is the same loggerhead shrike is making a call. He torments me everyday by hanging out in the high branches with a backlit sky. 

What do you do in this situation? Do you just sit back and take in the nature? Do you curse him and move on? I decided to try my hand at a trend I am starting to see more with wildlife photography. I positioned my Nikon D6 and Nikkor 800mm with some white clouds behind the shrike and go +2 overexposed and try a high-key shot. I tried for a pure white background with the black white and gray bird with a little distraction and clutter in the photo as possible. That combined with the “mean” gesture makes for a unique photo that makes you focus on the subject.

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