My New Nikkor 24mm PC-E Tilt Shift Lens

Washington Monument at the WWII Memorial

When I visit London, I always take a tube ride down to Pimlico to visit a really cool camera store that deals only in Nikon camera gear. Grays of Westminster has been around for a long time and has an extensive collection of used and vintage Nikon gear as well. While browsing downstairs, I came across a 24mm PC-E Tilt Shift lens I have been wanted to play around with for a while. The price was right!

While a tilt shift lens is new to me, I believe it is going to help me with my photography and an issue I have run into in the past. I like using wide angle lenses to capture the sky or environment along with my subject. Wide angle lenses though can create distortion with your subject or give me difficulty in maintaining focus on the subject if it is at a weird angle. A tilt shift lens can help me compensate for that by being able to maintain plane focus with the subject or allow me to choose what is in focus. With the shift, I can compensate for converging vertical lines when I am photographing a tall building. Again, the lens is new to me but I think I am going to have fun with it.

I was in Washington DC this week and went downtown the National Mall after a rainstorm. What better subject to test out the tilt shift lens than the Washington Monument. Taken with the Nikon Z 7 with the Nikkor PC-E 24mm f/3.5D Tilt Shift lens.

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