The Old Adage – How to Make the Common Uncommon

The Old Adage – How to Make the Common Uncommon

A few weeks ago I was in Kodiak, Alaska with some good friends to spend some time away from electricity, lights, cell phone towers and the Internet. But, most importantly to have some awesome photography opportunities with Kodiak Brown Bears. Let’s just say the opportunities did not disappoint. In fact, there were so many opportunities that at one point you realize all the photos that you are going to have to edit and you just sit back and admire the biology in front of you.

Then you snap back to reality that you are not going to have an opportunity or experience again so you go back to taking photos. A smart photography will then say, I have the classic shot of a bear, they are awesome shots but now, how do you make that image original and uncommon.

2 minutes later it started to rain. You look at the scene and decide what is the subject? It’s a Brown Bear of course. But what is going to make the image not so common and truly special? Do I adjust the exposure to make the rain more prominent? Or in this case, do I lower the ISO and close down the aperture to streak the rain to really capture and communicate what was going on in the moment? I did the latter for sure. Taken with the Nikon Z 9, Nikkor 800mm f 5.6E FL ED with 1.25TC.

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