In the Mood

In the Mood

Alaska Moose

I had the opportunity to go to Alaska for a few days. Not far out of Anchorage is a well-known area to spot Moose. Early October is usually the high point if the moose rut, when they are getting “in the mood”. This is when the bulls come down from the higher elevations. While all moose are impressive to observe, the bull photos are what people are usually looking for.

After a few miles trek into the valley, I see a small haram of 6 cows that a bull has herded together. The cows are very vocal and 1 by 1 they go up in to the trees and the bull will follow. A few minutes later they will come out and another cow will do the same. This went on for about an hour until the winds picked up and the entire group moved up in to the trees. This was taken with the Nikon D6 and Nikkor 180-400mm.

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