Back to Bosque

Back to Bosque

Thanks to Covid and other commitments, it has been a few years since I have visited Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. This year has proven different than the others. For the first day, boy was it windy! Gusts to 45mph. Earlier in the season, the area had tremendous rains that damaged the corn crops. Right after they had a drought and could not plant new corn since they didnt have the water. Because of the drought, some of our go-to ponds were drained. I was told that some of them also need maintenance. With no corn, the snow geese have been elusive.

In talking to my friend Moose, it was explained that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We kept going back because of what we expected and Bosque usually delivers. With the changes and different opportunities, that means changing up the game. We need to use what we got which challenges us to adapt and think of new ways to do things and how to tell the story.

I rushed from ABQ when I was done with work to catch the sunset. The cranes were just starting to fly into the flight deck pond from the fields. I got in just in time to catch the last light and the unmistakable New Mexico red and pink skies. taken with the Nikon Z 6ii and Nikkor 800mm5.6.

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