Day One Stuart Air Show… dealing with light

Day One Stuart Air Show… dealing with light

Stuart Air Show AeroShell

I’m always excited when the Stuart Air Show comes to town. The weather is always great and the usual Florida heat and humidity starts to subside. We get a great mix of aircraft local to the Florida area and support from our local military.

One of the challenging aspects though of the Stuart Airshow for photographers is that we are on the east side of the field relative to the flight line. This puts the planes for a good part of their run right in front of the sun. This creates a silhouetting effect and can wash out colors without constantly adjusting your exposure compensation. The way to get around this is to focus on the planes when they are coming from your right or left to get as much light on the front and sides of the planes as possible. This is helped a bit if there are more clouds int he sky as you can get a diffuse lighting effect like a giant soft box.

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