An easy trick to isolate your subject

Sometimes your subject doesn’t make it easy to get the photography you want. That happens most of the time with wildlife photography. Birds like to sit on branches and many times you will have a busy background. The trouble can be if your subject is buried in with that busy background and brightly lit branches. How can you make your subject pop?

You can use your available light to isolate your subject by underexposing your image in the case you have a light or bright subject such as the case with this great egret. If you look between these two images, the background in one photo is more subdued than the other. In the second image, I underexposed by -0.7 using my Nikon D5 with Nikkor 800mm and 1.25 TC to use shadows and blacks int he background and with the light bright subject it stands out more in the photograph. A simple way of highlighting your subject without having to drag out flash or when the light isn’t working perfect in your favor. 

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