It pays to be patient

It looked like a pretty dreary evening walking along the Via dei Fori Imperiali with the rain and oppressive cloud cover. All of a sudden the clouds broke and the sun poked through with a […]


Weather not cooperating? Use black and white (B&W)

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and you are in a location you may not be back to in a while. With the case of the last day in Rome, it was very overcast and raining. […]


When In Rome

It’s been quite a while since I have been back to Rome. And at first it didn’t look like the weather was going to cooperate all day. Dark, grey, overcast skies with on and off […]


He flew in for Halloween

One of the regulars at the Stuart Airshow is named Dracula flown by Kyle Franklin. A highly customized by-plane, and although styled like a historic Waco, is built from the ground-up as a airshow stunt […]


Day One Stuart Air Show… dealing with light

I’m always excited when the Stuart Air Show comes to town. The weather is always great and the usual Florida heat and humidity starts to subside. We get a great mix of aircraft local to […]


Our little hometown airshow

The town I live in Florida is lucky enough to have an airport that hosts a yearly airshow in November. Aviation is big business in Florida and many business people restore and fly vintage aircraft. […]


A cold morning at the Moultan Barn

On our coldest morning yet in the Grand Tetons, we made our way over to Mormon Row to photograph the famous Moultan Barn. This was also our first morning at the barn where the Grand […]


B&W to communicate drama and mood

In the late fall, most of the fall color is gone. Bare trees do not usually make for a great landscape subject. The one thing you usually get is the beginning of winter storms and […]


When the photo gods are at breakfast

Sometimes the elements and critters don’t cooperate and you can’t get the traditional picture you want. In this instance, the elk were too far away and the skyline is the background did not create the […]


Nikon Z 7 B&W

Wow do I love the Nikon Z 7 and its B&W. I tweak the monochrome settings in camera to bring out the structure and clarity to give me an idea of what I am expecting […]

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