When your plans don’t work out

Sometimes your plans don’t work out and you need a Plan B. Our itinerary this week had us scheduled to visit the Palouse Falls. This time of year is considered the most desirable because of the increased volume of water that comes over the falls.

Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture of the falls because we couldn’t go. The park was closed for details I won’t get in to but it explains if you are going to a location you need to plan for all types of things that come up that could affect your itinerary around the weather, park closures, etc. Combined with the park closure, the weather was changing and we had very strong winds that would not make for great pictures of the Palouse.

We heard of a ghost town about an hour out of Pullman which may have some potential. Now Elberton is a very old ghost town that hasn’t weathered very well and there were very few structures left. One though was an old church that had some character. Getting out another fun lens this trip, I used my Nikkor 105mm 1.4 with my Nikon D850 to get some interesting detail shots and play with the light. Using B&W in Luminar helped bring out the details and textures in the building.

Even with the interruption in our trip and not seeing the falls was a disappointment, you need a Plan B and sometimes they can work out just as well.

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