What’s the subject? Use that sky!

I don’t like to recycle images but in this case, I felt this image had some other interesting things to talk about. In my earlier posts, I have said that black and white allows you to focus on textures and patterns where with color those aspects may be lost. Landscape photography can be pretty blah if you have the sky in the picture and you have bald skies. So when the skies are awesome such as they were when I was on the Oregon coast, you take advantage of it. In this instance, the ocean and the rocks aren’t the subject. It’s that awesome sky!

Using my Nikkor 14-24 2.8 attached to my Nikon D5, I put the landscape small in the bottom of the frame and just pointed up to get as much of the sky as possible. I waited for the clouds to move where they made a point over the rocks which draws your eyes to the “back” center of the frames and pulls you down to the landscape. B&W is great for communicating mood and drama with landscape when you have a great sky to work with.

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