What is landscape photography?

When people go to the Grand Canyon to do landscape photography, they usually plan to take pictures of the Grand Canyon. The idea is that you are going to go photograph the subject you traveled to go see and document. When doing wildlife, it is usually a good idea to also photograph the habitat the animal lives. That might be the forest, farm, or general area where you are shooting and the animal would be found. It is part of the story telling process.

While we were in the Palouse to photograph the Palouse, there is a lot more to the area than just taking pictures of fields and barns. While we were chasing the light Wednesday afternoon, we came upon this derelict car on the side of the road. We had a debate about what kind of car it is. I’m still betting on a Buick. Anyway, this is part of the Palouse and what my mentor calls Americana. Besides that, being able to use a wide angle, this was shot with the Nikon D850 with a Nikkor 18mm 2.8 and polarizer, I was able to play around with the rust and disrepair (dispare???) which gives an interesting dimension with the added benefit of some of the Palouse hills in the background.

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