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A cold morning at the Moultan Barn

On our coldest morning yet in the Grand Tetons, we made our way over to Mormon Row to photograph the famous Moultan Barn. This was also our first morning at the barn where the Grand […]


B&W to communicate drama and mood

In the late fall, most of the fall color is gone. Bare trees do not usually make for a great landscape subject. The one thing you usually get is the beginning of winter storms and […]


When the photo gods are at breakfast

Sometimes the elements and critters don’t cooperate and you can’t get the traditional picture you want. In this instance, the elk were too far away and the skyline is the background did not create the […]


Nikon Z 7 B&W

Wow do I love the Nikon Z 7 and its B&W. I tweak the monochrome settings in camera to bring out the structure and clarity to give me an idea of what I am expecting […]


I like the new Nikon Z 7!!!

So I was lucky to get my pre-order Nikon Z 7 on the first wave of orders. Thanks NPS and B&H!  For my first real test of the camera at the Grand Tetons, (when you […]


The ladies need the love…too

The general rule with birds is that the males are more brightly colored than the females. When it comes to wildlife photography, the interest is usually the most interesting and colorful. This can bias photographers […]


The Elegant Trogon

During our week stay at Madera Canyon photographing hummingbirds, in the morning and evening we kept hearing what sounded like a dog barking off in the distance. There were sighting of the elegant trogon in […]


An unexpected visitor

While chasing around the vermilion flycatcher, I had what I thought was a fly buzzing around my head. Next thing I know I see a flit that lands on a branch. It wasn’t a large […]


Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve

I was excited to go back to a great area for birds in Arizona. Southern Arizona is the northern range for many birds in Central America. As soon as we got out of the van, […]


Madera Canyon – Coming back

I am excited to be going back to Madera Canyon in Arizona in a few weeks to try my hands again at photographing hummingbirds. These guys can be tricky, darting between flowers in a blink […]