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The ladies need the love…too

The general rule with birds is that the males are more brightly colored than the females. When it comes to wildlife photography, the interest is usually the most interesting and colorful. This can bias photographers […]


Watch that background

As mentioned in my last post about having a handheld birds in flight set up, it gives you great flexibility to keep up with a moving subject. Being able to move with your subject gives […]


Where to find that color?

Have you ever taken a photo and looked at the display on the back of the camera and said that what it shows isn’t what you saw or feel the color is washed out? While […]


Glamour Shots – What is required for a wildlife headshot

To expand with the discussion on cropping, sometimes the intention is to isolate one part of the subject. In the case of birds, there is nothing better than a closeup headshot of an Egret or […]


Where to crop? Avoid that awkward pose

It’s the age-old question. where and when to crop? In this instance I’m not talking about cropping the photo to make your subject larger in the frame or to omit details that got in to […]


What’s the subject? Use that sky!

I don’t like to recycle images but in this case, I felt this image had some other interesting things to talk about. In my earlier posts, I have said that black and white allows you […]


An easy trick to isolate your subject

Sometimes your subject doesn’t make it easy to get the photography you want. That happens most of the time with wildlife photography. Birds like to sit on branches and many times you will have a […]


Spring is definetly here

Between rain showers, I ventured out to one of my favorite birding spots in South Florida. For the last few months, at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, we have been dealing with hordes of wood storks. While […]


Why I still love B&W

Thanks to the web and print magazines, a lot of people feel that B&W has been relegated to the artsy fartsy crowd. It seems lost in our new technology driven media where screens have been […]


What’s the story?

With more options than with wildlife photography, landscape allows you to be more creative with your skills, equipment, and environment. The photos seem to contradict my earlier post on using long lenses for landscape photography. […]