New ThinkTank Advantage

I have a lot of camera bags. If you asked me how many, I probably couldn’t give you a number without going in to my closet and counting. However, I was having a problem. I […]


Our last night at Oshkosh

We we got to spend a great week with some awesome planes. For our last night we got a fantastic light display.  


Warbirds at dusk

Day 3 of EAA we got up early (4:00am) to catch the sunrise over Warbird Alley and had great light on this DC-3


Another great day at Magee Marsh

The overcast skies continued to provide great even light to give us the saturated colors we were looking for. Here, someone put out oranges for the Baltimore Orioles which took advantage. [Show slideshow]


Magee Marsh

  Our first day at Magee Marsh. I was playing with my new Nikon D5 and SB-5000 flash. It was rainy and cold, but the overcast skies gave us some very saturated color so I […]


IPad Pro 12.9 or 9.7

  Just my opinion. After being on Two planes today and seeing 4 iPad Pros, the 12.9 is just way too big. 9.7 here you come!


Lexar XQD v2.0 128GB cards are now $150 less!!!


Taking the high road

The park service keeps the roads clear for the visitors to get around the park. The critters also use the roads to get around the park when the snow is deep. We were driving down […]


Egret courting

Egrets were nearly hunted to extinction because of their feathers.┬áDuring mating season, I think that the great egret has the most fascinating ritual. They also put on one of the best displays with their plumage. […]


One of the best kept secrets in South Florida

There are many great birding locations in Florida. My friend and mentor Moose Peterson has shared many of them with me. Where I live in Florida, we have a lot of waterfront but most of […]